master's thesis
Reverse Logistics Warehouse Process Optimization

Panudda Klongsungsorn (2016)
University of Zagreb
Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences
Division of Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics
Department of Transport Logistics
TitleReverse Logistics Warehouse Process Optimization
AuthorPanudda Klongsungsorn
Mentor(s)Ivona Bajor (thesis advisor)
Reverse logistics plays an important role in supply chain. The increased demand of customer these days has an intense influence on subjects in the logistics network. On the subject of logistics optimization, time is a crucial matter and considered to be an issue that could be optimized. Improving the whole operation in reverse logistics could be done by having a good time management of each activity. Giving the essence of a variety of tasks in backward process, every small step is considered important for achieving a better outcome. Regarding reverse logistics warehouse process optimization at the distribution center, the logistics provider can improve the processes by observing the time in returned activities. For example, the process of checking documents, opening packages and products scanning could be different in terms of duration. It is difficult to notice how long one activity lasts in a process. Unless the data is measured in order to analyze the major problems. Information technology and paperless system could be applied to support the operations in reverse logistics as well as to increase customer satisfaction level.
Parallel title (Croatian)Optimizacija skladišnih procesa povratne logistike
Committee MembersIvona Bajor (committee chairperson)
Kristijan Rogić (committee member)
Tomislav Rožić (committee member)
Mario Šafran (committee member)
GranterUniversity of Zagreb
Faculty of Transport and Traffic Sciences
Lower level organizational unitsDivision of Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics
Department of Transport Logistics
Scientific field, discipline, subdisciplineTECHNICAL SCIENCES
Traffic and Transport Technology
Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics
Study programme typeuniversity
Study levelgraduate
Study programmeIntelligent Transport Systems and Logistics
Academic title abbreviationmag. ing. traff.
Genremaster's thesis
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Defense date2016-09-27
Parallel keywords (Croatian)reverse logistics warehouse operations optimization disposition cycle time
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