master's thesis
Comparative Analysis of Reverse Logistics Activities and Incineration for Greening Waste Management

Oliver Stankeric (2016)
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TitleComparative Analysis of Reverse Logistics Activities and Incineration for Greening Waste Management
AuthorOliver Stankeric
Mentor(s)Ivona Bajor (thesis advisor)
Due to intensive development of technology and a large increase of population at a global level, as well as a continuing deruralisation, the concentration of urban population increased the amount of waste disposed of and the need for its systematic management. As a result of increasing amounts of waste, additional types of waste appeared that did not previously exist. Consequently, diverse infrastructure has been developed for waste management and its disposal, some of which – primarily incineration infrastructure - has been comprehensively described in the paper. The amount of waste disposed in the Czech Republic has stagnated, whilst Croatia has seen upwards trends and waste management has not reached a satisfactory level. This paper will analyse the waste management systems in these two countries, examining both the advantages and the disadvantages of the systems and providing a proposal for an optimisation solution concerning waste management in the Republic of Croatia with an emphasis on waste incineration. The optimal waste management infrastructure will be highlighted based on cost-benefit analysis.
Parallel title (Croatian)Komparativna analiza aktivnosti povratne logistike i spaljivanje sirovina u sustavu upravljanja otpadom
Committee MembersIvona Bajor (committee chairperson)
Kristijan Rogić (committee member)
Mario Šafran (committee member)
Darko Babić (committee member)
GranterSveučilište u Zagrebu
Fakultet prometnih znanosti
Scientific field, discipline, subdisciplineTECHNICAL SCIENCES
Traffic and Transport Technology
Intelligent Transport Systems and Logistics
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Study levelgraduate
Study programmeIntelligent Transport Systems and Logistics
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Genremaster's thesis
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Defense date2016-09-27
Parallel keywords (Croatian)green logistics reverse logistics waste management incineration waste
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CommitterMojca Brenko-Puzak